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A ‘target’ is the person you are striking against to meet your demands of signing the New Declaration of Independence, renouncing their existing party affiliation, and denouncing both parties as illegitimate based upon the parties’ systemic corruption, collusion and carnage. 


We are not trying to take down the target personally. We are boldly and unapologetically taking down the target’s party affiliation to fuel the migration of thousands of elected officials, celebrities, funders and voters away from any support whatsoever to the two-party system until it collapses.


We are starting with Mayors as our targets, not because they are more or less corrupt than any other elected official, but because they will switch teams the easiest and that will build momentum to move on to Congressional Representatives and Governors. 


Reasons why Mayors will be the easiest elected officials to migrate: 

  • They are local, meaning that every striker can meet with and demonstrate against a Mayor with minimal travel

  • Their party affiliation matters less to their election than other state and national leaders 

  • Their re-election prospects will be heavily impacted by a local campaign against them

  • They will feel the impact and pressure of the local strike, even if only implemented by a small number of consistent people  

  • Many Mayors have light affiliations to the parties they represent and may find it very easy to sign the New Declaration of Independence. A small step for them is a huge step for the movement 

  • Mayors are more accessible than other elected officials. You can schedule a meeting with ease or walk into their office and talk to them directly

  • Mayors are closely integrated into the communities and will be impacted personally by a strike against them


As a national strike, we need to practice and refine our actions and get points on the scoreboard to build the confidence needed for state and national leadership targets. 


The two-party system will fall. The work you do to strike against your Mayor until they meet your demands will have national and ultimately worldwide implications.  


- We

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