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The goal of The American Liberation Movement is to take down the two-party political system that has controlled and abused American government for many decades. 


This looks like the complete termination of the Republican and Democrat parties, which will be signified by the resignation of their national committees. 


The goal of The American Liberation Movement is not to take down people. Yes, crimes have certainly been committed and pain, suffering and destruction have been inflicted upon so many. In time, these abuses will inevitably come to light and perpetrators will be held accountable for their choices. 


But to focus on taking down individuals for crimes they have committed is a distraction from the systemic goal of ending the two-party system this year. 


There is no revolution if the Republican and Democrat parties are still intact. 


The way we are going to end the parties is through elected officials renouncing their affiliation and denouncing their party.  


As a movement, it is our job to help elected officials feel safe and motivated to leave their party affiliations and join the people. They need to feel that they are invited into the future with us, not submitting to a bloodthirsty mob.  


As a striker, your job is to make it as uncomfortable as possible for your elected official targets to maintain their existing party affiliation, and as safe, comfortable and inviting as possible to side with the people. 


If you focus on taking down your Mayor by criticizing their record, you will create an enemy, thereby jeopardizing the success of the movement. 


If you focus on taking down your Mayor’s party affiliation by pointing to the corruption, collusion and carnage of the parties they represent, you will likely create an ally–because they already know their party is corrupt and feel stuck.  


In order for this to work, the energy must be focused on getting elected officials to switch teams from the two-party tyrant to independence with the people.


- We  

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