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Dear [REP_NAME],


I am writing today to inform you that I have joined a national strike against the Republican and Democrat parties. 


I see them both as illegitimate parties rampant with corruption, collusion and incompetence that are responsible for vast amounts of human and ecological carnage in the US and around the world. 


Chronic and pervasive depression, addiction, suicide, mass incarceration, chronic disease, international massacre, genocide, modern-day slavery, homelessness and ecological destruction are amongst the evidences we point to as failures of the Republican and Democrat parties.


It is likely that your association with the two-party system thus far has been an asset to your political career.  I am here to inform you that going forward it is a liability.  The two-parties will not exist much longer and this is your invitation for a graceful exit.  


According to my strike, I will not vote for a Republican or Democrat candidate ever again.  If you want my vote here are my demands: 

  • Sign the New American Declaration of Independence

  • In a public statement: 

    • Affirm that you have signed The New American Declaration of Independence

    • Renounce your association with the (Republican or Democrat) party

    • Denounce the corruption, collusion and carnage of the two-party system 


You can create alternative ballot access for yourself for the next election cycle which could entail running on any other party platform, gaining independent ballot access, or running as a write-in.


I am prepared to do everything in my power to encourage other people in your electorate to join me in this strike and not vote for you until you meet our demands. 


Some of the components of the strike you can expect include: 

  • Demonstrations in front of your office 

  • Demonstrations outside of your home 

  • Phone calls to your office 

  • Letters to your office 

  • Request for meetings to discuss this strike 

  • Social media posts and memes about your complicity in the corruption, collusion, and carnage of the two-party system 

  • Chalk messages about your party affiliation 

  • Sharing our strike and seeking support and endorsement from faith-based institutions, civil servants, local clubs, business associations, school administrators, and the general public.

  • Placing flyers with information about the strike and your affiliation with the two-party system 

  • Making and sharing videos tying you to the carnage of two-party system

  • Seeking alternative candidates outside the two-party system to support, campaign for and elect


Our intent is to make it as challenging for you as possible to get re-elected if you do not meet our demands.


There is no context for you to claim innocence while standing on the platform of a corrupt party.  You are guilty by association. Redemption, however, is one simple statement away. 


This is a moment in time for the people to rise up and reclaim our republic from the control of the two-party system and we invite you to stand with the people as we undertake this revolutionary strike.


The historical record will show how quickly you aligned with the people to abandon an illegitimate political system. Your delay or inaction will likely signify your active complicity with the two-party system and will likely end your political career as the millennial generation is committed to ending the two-party system as it’s first unified political act as a generation stewarding the nation as the new voting majority. 


You can expect the strike to continue intensifying until these demands are met. If you comply, you will be celebrated by our movement as one of our heroes.


We are doing this because we don’t believe it is possible to create a just, free and healthy society under the tyranny of two-party control and I am standing as a revolutionary to reclaim our government of, by and for the people.  


The choice is yours. The clock is ticking. 



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