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What makes a revolution an actual revolution? 


The term revolution has been watered down and distorted by politicians and advertisers.


Revolution does not mean a shift in economic or social policy, or simply something sensational happening. 


A national revolution means that the nature and structures of power, and those who control it, fundamentally transform. 


It doesn’t mean that the government is destroyed. It means that the political powers that have run it are replaced.


National revolutions come in various forms. One is the transition of a non-democratic form of government, like a monarchy, into democracy. Another is the removal of an elected official or oligarch who has wedged themselves into a position of national control and abused the public for personal gain, using violence to maintain power.


In either of these forms there typically exists a tyrant, king or president whose presence ensures the maintenance of that power structure and whose removal would signify a successful national revolution. 


National revolutions happen when a sufficient number of citizens are so alienated and emotionally discontent with the current national system of power that they are willing to disrupt their own lives to focus their efforts on national transformation. The right templates for strategy, organizing and action must be put in place that convert the widespread discontentment into an empowered force of structural political transformation. 


While many other countries have experienced national revolutions, with various degrees of impact, we have not yet experienced a national revolution in the United States since the transition from American colonies to self-government through the Revolutionary War and creation of the federal government by ratification of the Constitution. 


Is a national revolution in America possible? What would it actually entail?


America has created the most powerful, sophisticated and long-lasting tyrant the world has ever seen. 


Incapable of being directly pointed to, outlasting the life of any one person, and providing the illusion of choice, the two-party tyrant has enabled the perpetual use of divide-and-conquer methods to control the American people. 


The Republicans appeal to those with Christian backgrounds, business ownership, and a lean towards conserving the status quo. The Democrats appeal to social liberals, labor, and various progressive movements.


This framing has helped many millions of Americans to locate themselves within this left/right political map, keeping the fight against each other and not focusing on the underlying corruption, collusion and carnage that our corporations, governments and militaries are responsible for. 


There can’t be an actual revolution in America unless the power and control the two-party system has over the United States government is dismantled. 


Changes made within that system are not signs of progress, but signs of the malleability of the system to appease public interests and de-escalate popular resistance that could potentially threaten it’s ultimate power. 


While system-tolerable changes feel like victories for those who have fought for them, they are actually part of a methodical pressure-release process that minimizes public gains while enabling the existing systems of control to remain unthreatened. 


The Republican and Democrat parties are the gatekeepers that determine who has access to the power of elected positions and ensure that those aligned with corrupted intents are promoted. Elected leaders who defy these systems of control are minimized, manipulated, blackmailed and threatened to control their actions in office. 


This system of national control is the thousand-headed beast that has had a chokehold on the American government for many decades. 


We must now wake up to realize and grasp the reality that our tyrant is the two-party system and thus national revolution is the process of establishing a new political system to steward our government.   


A systematic crumbling of the political and mental control of the two-party system has been occurring for decades, evidenced by the majority of Americans registered as Independents and/or entirely disengaged in the political system. This migration from the two-party system is the initial stage of national revolution—removing obedience, participation and perception of legitimacy from the existing ruling systems. 


The next stage of the revolution occurs when this divergent majority adopts a clear strategy and vision to terminate the rule of the existing tyrant and system of power.  


Liberate.US is offering that coherent vision, strategy, actions, patterns and templates that citizens who are ready for revolution can use to participate in the Second American Revolution. 


To take down the two-party system, we will specifically take down the Republican and Democratic parties. We will do this by removing the final hold on power they have: the flickering perception of legitimacy that leads to Amerincans’ obedience to their norms. 


The play between the two parties is a hollow natural ritual and once the charade is fully revealed and participation withdrawn, it will lose its power, dismantle and die. 


This first step of this action phase of the revolution will be the individual commitment of each citizen ready for systemic transformation to formally withdraw obedience from the two-party system by signing The New Declaration of Independence. 


The second step is to place pressure on local elected officials to join the revolution by signing the Declaration, which includes them renouncing their existing affiliation and denouncing both parties.


The third step is to invite business leaders, academics, media, community leaders, civil servants, celebrities, movement leaders and other influencers to sign the Declaration and invite their communities to join. 


The fourth step is to place pressure on state and national elected representatives to join the revolution as well. 


The fifth step will likely look like mass gatherings in the streets to finalize and celebrate the funeral of the two-party system. 


The job of the revolution is to take down the existing power structures.


Alternatives with vision, virtue and courage must rise up to fill the space created as the old guard comes undone and we determine what happens next.


A national revolution in America that leads to government of, by and for the people is possible. 


There is a great awakening happening now and a massive social movement ready to establish integrity in this country.


We feel that now is the time. May grace be with us. 


- We

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