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A national political strike is what we are doing. Revolution will be the result. 


We need to be clear on what we are doing each day in order to move the American Liberation Movement forward. 


This is a strike. We have demands. Those who delay or fail to meet our demands will face consequences. 


Our goal is to systematically remove people from the two-party system until it implodes. 


The strike is designed to be focused, specific and effective. 


We invite you to pick the first person you are going to direct your strike against. We will call this your ‘target.’  


We recommend your mayor first. From there we will go after state and national representatives within the system.  


Your mission is to implement the strike actions against this persons’ party affiliation until they have signed the New Declaration of Independence. 


If you defuse your energy by simply protesting the two-parties generally, we will achieve little. If you contextualize your protest by pressuring your mayor to sign, renounce and denounce, then you will have a political scalpel in your hands that will enable us to do reconstruction surgery on our republic. 


One by one, we will pull people out of the system and show the world that the two-party tyranny is crumbling. 


Yes, this is a national revolution. But we must focus on striking against specific targets, making clear demands and securing signatures. If we do this one-by-one the revolution will take care of itself. 


- We 

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