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This is an invitation for you to take part in your first national strike action. 


It’s simple, but impactful. 


Posts on your active social media platforms: 

  • Stating that you are joining a national strike to end the two-party system and that you have signed the New Declaration of Independence

  • Stating that you will put negative pressure on your elected officials until they renounce their existing party affiliation and denounce both parties

  • Inviting your mayor and other representatives to sign the New American Declaration of Independence   

  • Tagging your local mayor and any other local or national representatives you want to influence 

  • Tagging your friends, allies, network, collaborators and others who would likely join you in the strike

  • Tagging celebrities, thought leaders, business leaders, community leaders, religious leaders and others with influence to let them know about the strike 

  • Inviting everyone who sees your post to go to Liberate.US to sign the New American Declaration of Independence themselves

  • Using the hashtag #LIBERATEUS to connect your post with posts from other strikers


Here’s an example of a post you can make: 


‘I am clear that the two-party system itself is our tyrant and it’s control in this control is corrupt and illegitimate. 


I’ve signed the New Declaration of Independence stating that I am 100% independent of the two-party system and in doing so I am joining a national political strike to end the Democrat and Republican Parties. 


You can go to www.Liberate.US to watch the video I did and become a Signatory of the New Declaration of Independence yourself. 


I am going to strike against the party affiliation of my elected representatives letting them know that my vote and support are fully withdrawn until they accept my demands of renouncing their current party affiliation and denouncing both parties as illegitimate on the grounds of systemic and chronic corruption, collusion and the carnage they are both responsible.


I’m seeking your partnership in the Second American Revolution.’ 

- We

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