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As a striker, you have a major role to play on social media. 


Here are the following things you can do on social media to further the local strike against your target and fuel the national strike: 


  • Tag people in posts as an invitation to local demonstrations 

  • Tag people in posts as an invitation to sign the New Declaration of Independence 

  • Tag people in posts as an invitation to join your local chapter Facebook Group 

  • Tag your target in a post that directly challenges their legitimacy by revealing their lack of willingness to separate themselves from the two-party tyranny and carnage 

  • Make posts sharing the latest Corruption, Collusion and Carnage Reports, and/or key aspects of reports that are impactful for you 

  • Make posts sharing your target’s response or lack of response to any given C3 Report

  • Make posts challenging others to select targets, activate local demonstrations and new local chapters

  • Make posts about your personal experience of renouncing your previous party affiliation and denouncing both parties

  • Make posts calling for alternative candidates to run to replace incumbents who have not yet signed

  • Create and/or share memes that support the taking down of the Republican and Democrat Parties 

  • Make posts sharing photos from your demonstrations 

  • Make posts sharing photos or videos of your interactions with your target

  • Make posts to share with strikers nationwide about what is working for you, what is not working for you, and anything that you have innovated on from the patterns laid out by the American Liberation Movement 

  • Make posts surfacing fact-checked information you have about the Corruption, Collusion and Carnage of the two-party system 

  • Make posts encouraging strikers around the country to continue and build the national movement; sharing positivity, morale and enthusiasm 


Every single post is a cut to the two-party system. With every post it will lose power and unravel. With every post the strike will gain power and will fuel a national revolution as the Rebulican and Democrat parties terminate and a new era for America arrives. 


Use the standard #LIBERATEUS hashtag so the movement can follow itself. Also consider using the following hashtags or others that inspire you. 










- We

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