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Your ultimate goal is for your target to agree to sign the New Declaration of Independence.


When they agree, congratulate them warmly, stop your targeted strike efforts and schedule a Signing Party with them. 


The purpose of the Signing Party is to formalize and publicize their official renunciation of their previous party affiliation and their denunciation of both parties. 


Congratulations! You did this. Your striking efforts changed the political orientation of your elected leader. Nothing can cut the Democrat or Republican parties deeper than their own elected officials renouncing and denouncing them. As this starts to happen, the parties will come apart at the seams. 


The facets of the Signing Party include: 

  • Printing the new Declaration of Independence at a print shop on legal sized paper. (you can also print it on standard 8.5 x 11 paper, but it has a bit less of a dramatic effect) 

  • Determine an appropriate date, time and location. The office of your target would be ideal. 

  • Make a Facebook Event and invite everyone from your Facebook Group and Coalition to be present for the Signing Party 

  • Invite all of your press contacts 

  • Create some programming that may include a short speech from you, your target and other community members

  • Present the New Declaration of Independence and have your target sign it 

  • Take a picture with your target holding up their signed New Declaration of Independence

  • Take group photos with everyone present 

  • Capture video of speeches and signing

  • Make social media posts celebrating the victory and congratulating your target

  • Share update, photos and videos with all of your press contacts, whether or not they came to the Signing Party

  • Warmly congratulate the elected representative and designate them a hero of the movement for choosing to align with the people and showing the way for other elected officials to do so as well 

  • Email [email protected] the picture and name of your target so we can add him/ her to the formal list of elected officials who have signed


The photos and videos of this Signing Party will provide tremendous energy to other local strikers, building their confidence and excitement to experience the same result.   


Now you are ready to select your next target, consider your House of Representatives Congressional Rep.


- We

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