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As a striker you are invited, encouraged, and–in order for this to be successful–obligated to become a PR agent of the national strike. 


You have the ability and power to influence the press. 


You can get TV crews, radio stations, writers, journalists and independent media producers to cover the local strike you are leading. 


You can get the contact information of various press outlets that publish the information that you and those in your community watch, listen to and read, and invite them to your demonstrations to cover the strike. 


If they do not come, you can send them photos, videos and explanations of what happened and why you are doing what you are doing so they can cover and publish the story even if they were not physically present. 


You can feed them information about the status of your target. Have they received the invitation to sign? Have they received Corruption, Collusion and Carnage Reports? What is their reaction to the strike thus far?


It would be most efficient to create a spreadsheet of email addresses and cell phones numbers of all relevant publications for your local strike. 


As you have updates or invitations for press coverage, simply send a group email and/or group text message to your list of press contacts. 


The coverage will come, whether immediately or after consistent action and press outreach. When it does, it will add reach and legitimacy to your efforts. Your local strike will escalate, the pressure on your target will substantially increase, and you will be fueling the national strike!  


- We

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