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Let’s go over exactly how this political strike is going to work and how it is designed to result in a national revolution.


This year we will create mass awareness that the two-party system is finished, and invite millions of Americans to sign the New Declaration of Independence. 


The current parties remain in control because Americans still consider them as legitimate, and therefore continue to fund and vote for their candidates. When this stops, the parties will fall. As the parties dissolve, a new era for America will emerge. 


To catalyze this process, we are going to start by targeting Mayors to abandon their party affiliation and use these smaller, local wins to fuel the national strike against both parties. 


The local strike against the Mayor entails informing them clearly of our intents and demands, and then systematically increasing pressure until they meet our demands and sign. 


Here is the process we suggest to lead to this result: 

  1. Make an initial social media post announcing your strike and tagging your Mayor

  2. Deliver the Official Notice of Strike to your Mayor

  3. Meet with your Mayor to explain the strike to them and make the initial ask to sign before the demonstrations begin 

    If they do not sign by that point, progress the following tactics until they do:

  4. Organize local demonstrations in front of their office / city hall 

  5. Build a coalition within your community of those ready to liberate the US from the control of the two-party system who will join in your local efforts 

  6. Deliver your target regular Corruption, Collusion & Carnage Reports produced by the American Liberation Movement to further polarize them away from their party affiliation

  7. Engage the local press to tell the story and purpose of your strike, and the demands you are making of your Mayor

  8. Create a local social media campaign to further engage your community and pressure your Mayor by declaring them complicit with the corruption, collusion and carnage of the two-party system until they renounce   

  9. Implement other non-violent strike actions that the American Liberation Movement releases or that you create to bring your Mayor to the threshold of signing the New Declaration of Independence


Consistently implementing these tactics will move the national strike forward. Elected representatives will leave the two-party system, civil servants will abandon the two parties, and more and more citizens will declare their official independence.  


At the right time we will concentrate our efforts on state and national leaders. 


The two-parties are not fit to rule. Their end is imminent.  


- We 

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