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The purpose of the American Liberation Movement is to offer templates for millions of Americans to take actions together. If executed effectively by even a small percentage of Americans, these actions will lead to the elimination of the two-party system. 


Each action we suggest is an invitation for you to directly participate in a national political strike designed to result in an actual national revolution. 


These national revolution tactics are proven and inspired by the work of Gene Sharp


The American Liberation Movement is customizing Gene Sharp’s tactics to meet the unique reality in America where we don’t have a single dictator, but a complex political system to seek liberation from. Despite this difference, we are confident that these same tactics will result in a successful national revolution in the United States of America. 


The American Liberation Movement will remain anonymous and not engage in any organizing, spokesmanship, or coordination of the actions. 


If you want to see the success of the Second American Revolution, the actions are yours to do. Don’t look to or wait for anyone else to do it for you. It all depends on your coordination, leadership, courage and commitment. 


Each action is valuable on its own, but the combination of them will pressure elected officials to ditch their existing affiliation and sign the New Declaration of Independence. If you are not able or willing to participate in every action, don’t let that deter you from implementing the ones you are ready to enact. Every action counts.  


You can email [email protected] and visit the Liberate.US Discord server to share your experience of the action, what is working, what doesn’t seem to be working and any ways you have modified the tactics we offered to create more impactful results. 


The revolution will happen by combining your individual innovation and creativity with the collective action templates used to focus on striking against the party affiliation of your local officials. 


We will release upgraded tactics based upon the feedback from your experiences. Together we will get this right, and get it done.  


- We 

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