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Once you select your first target, make your initial social media post/s, deliver the Official Notice of Strike, schedule your initial meeting with your target and schedule your first demonstration, you are now ready for local coalition building. 


You are looking to identify the right people to play a role in your local strike, as well as the right networks and communities of people you may be able to engage to add substantial capacities to your local efforts. 


Start by making a list of names, organizations and contact information. 


Add to the list any of the following: 

  • Your personal contacts you want to invite to join the local strike

  • Leaders and members of local religious communities

  • Leaders and members of local clubs such as Rotary, Lions, Elks and others

  • Leaders and members of the local Chamber of Commerce

  • Leaders and members of other activist groups in your region such as Black Lives Matters, Indigenous Rights, Poor People’s Campaign,, and Extinction Rebellion

  • Administrators in local public schools and college campuses

  • Leaders of local health systems, police departments, fire departments and other civil servants 

  • Other local influencers, organizers, event producers, community leaders 


Send emails, text messages and make phone calls inviting them to watch the American Liberation Movement video on www.Liberate.US, sign the New Declaration of Independence, join your local chapter Facebook Group and come to your next demonstration.


With consistency, you will begin weaving a local coalition of those who are ready for the termination of the Republican and Democrat parties. As these coalitions form, your target’s signing will become inevitable and the success of the national strike will be mounting. 


You are an organizer. You have the power to bring people together under a common vision; to do something together that otherwise couldn't be done alone. 


Know that so many in your local region have already given up on the political system but feel disempowered around what to do about it. Your invitation will be the clarity they have been looking for to get involved with something that offers the depth of systemic transformation they crave. 


Not everyone will respond enthusiastically to your invitation, but don’t let that deter you. You will find those who have been waiting and ready to join you in the national strike to end the Republican and Democrat parties. 


- We

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