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Live demonstrations to strike against your target’s party affiliation are the building blocks of the national strike and national revolution. 


The purposes of the live demonstrations are to: 

  • Place pressure on your target to sign the New Declaration of Independence 

  • Build a local coalition 

  • Encourage others to commence live demonstrations against targets across the country

  • Prepare for larger scale demonstrations


The facets of a local demonstration include: 

  • Date, Time & Length (~2 Hours)

  • Conspicuous Location (e.g. city hall / mayor’s office for local targets) 

  • Collection of Strikers (it’s OK if it is only you to start) 

  • Strike Signs 

  • Light Music (guitar or portable speaker)

  • Props (i.e. Coffin, Flowers) 


Preparation for demonstration: 

  • Scout the site to determine the exact location of the demonstration. Consider visibility, shade coverage, accessibility. Determine best parking or transit solutions. 

  • Create a Facebook Event for the strike and invite everyone you can. Encourage people to invite their networks.

  • Produce signs and encourage other demonstrators to produce theirs as well. 

  • Consider weather conditions. Consider umbrellas to protect against rain or sun. 

  • Contact local press (TV, newspapers, bloggers) to let them know about the demonstration.

  • Create a set of  spokespeople for the demonstration. These people will speak to the press, security, or the target or staff of the target if anyone comes out to meet with strikers. Spokespeople clearly reinforce their demands to the target and explain their demands to the press. 


Actual demonstration: 

The demonstration doesn’t have to be anything other than natural. There is no need to be angry. No need to shout specific slogans, unless that feels natural. No need to perform in any particular way. It is the images of demonstrators and the signs that will have the greatest impact on the strike locally and nationally. 


Do not get upset at any local staff, security or police. Do not vandalize or litter. Do not commit ANY acts of violence. Be kind and loving. We can relax knowing that despite the tragedies of the current system and the pain and destruction caused, we know that we have the power to bring it down and create something new. 


Enjoy your time. Get to know each other. Perhaps the target will come out and talk to you. 


At the pre-agreed upon time, pack up and leave peacefully.  


Funeral Concept: 

We are thinking about the idea that these demonstrations are a funeral celebration for the two-party system. If this inspires you, consider wearing black and adding other details that ramp up the funeral feel. 



We encourage social distancing and wearing protective masks that may be required by law or prefered by you to minimize the spread of COVID-19.   



You have a right to protest / strike. You have a right to express yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to leave. If the target requests you stop striking, inform them that you will demonstrate for the pre-arranged duration of your demonstration until they have agreed to sign The New Declaration of Independence and have scheduled a signing party.  



If these demonstrations are held consistently (e.g. weekly on Fridays), then some things will start to happen: 

  • The numbers will grow, which will increase the impact of the demonstrations

  • Demonstrators will form stronger relationships which will strengthen the local strike and that national strike

  • More press will show up to cover the demonstrations and interview strikers

  • The target will realize that the strike is serious and will not be able to ignore it. They will realize they must make a decision and calculate the impact of their various options. 

  • A stronger signal will be sent to strikers across the country to continue the mission


Mayors will begin to sign The New Declaration of Independence and that will add significant energy to the national strike. At a certain point, the American Liberation Movement will move the focus to Congressional Officials and then to Governors in State Capitols. 


Adjust your schedule if you can so you can participate in weekly demonstrations (preferably on Fridays) throughout the rest of the year as we mobilize a political strike that becomes a national revolution. Ask your community for support if you require childcare or transportation in order to participate in the strike.  


Weekly demonstrations are the heartbeat of the movement.  




- We

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