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Your primary job as a striker is to determine targets and implement the suggested actions to pressure your targets into signing the New Declaration of Independence. 


These efforts will have a greater impact on the success of the political strike and national revolution than anything else. 


In addition to participating in these persuasion tactics to target elected officials and public figures, it is also valuable to the movement to invite other citizens to sign the Declaration and to join the strike. 


You can do this through word of mouth, social media posts, email blasts or publishing information online. The primary resource you’ll want to share with people is the main video on Liberate.Us. Just under that video is the New Declaration of Independence and below that is their opportunity to sign and begin receiving communications from the American Liberation Movement that will support their participation in the strike. 


It may feel more comfortable to invite others to strike than to select a target and begin a specific initiative to challenge them to renounce their previous party affiliation. Remember, your targeted strike efforts are the most important and the best way to invite other people to join the strike. 


People will be much more influenced by you when they see photos of your actions, invitations to your Facebook Group and Events, and the stories you share about the systemically transformational impact you are having! 


Yes, invite others to sign and join the strike. But first, be the strike. 


- We  

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