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We recommend creating a Facebook Event for each demonstration so you and others can easily invite hundreds of people to each of your demonstrations.


Suggested Title:  ____(location)___ Demonstration to End Two Parties 

Example: Memphis Demonstration to End Two Parties


Suggested Description: 

‘The American Liberation Movement is a national strike to end the two-party system. We consider the termination of the Republican and Democrat parties the Second American Revolution. 


In order to ignite a national exodus out of the two-parties, we have commenced a local strike to demand that our Mayor sign the New Declaration of Independence, renounce their current party affiliation and denounce both parties as illegitimate on the grounds of system corruption, collusion and carnage. 


You are invited to join our upcoming demonstration to move this local and national strike forward. 


See this page with some ideas of signs, or create one of your own aimed at calling out the failure of the two parties and calling for their termination.


(long link to sign page) ‘


[add any additional details about parking, the meetup time and location, etc.] 


Suggested Banner Image:


- We

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