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Once you have made your initial social media post announcing your strike to your mayor, representatives, network and influencers, you are ready for your second action. 


Your mission is to get your Mayor to renounce their existing party affiliation and denounce both parties on the grounds of systemic corruption, collusion and carnage.


Note: If your mayor does not formally represent the Republican or Democrat party, there is no need to strike against them, but you should still pursue their signing of the New Declaration of Independence. 


Inform your Mayor that you will be actively striking against their party affiliation and working against their re-election until they sign the New Declaration of Independence. 


You can do this by printing:

1. Elected Official Notice of Strike 

2. The New Declaration of Independence


Include your contact information and deliver to their office or to them directly in-person. 


While there, consider showing them or their staff the official American Liberation Movement video.


Your goal at this time is not to engage in a conversation with your Mayor, but to simply deliver this notice, encourage them to read it and let them know that you will be in touch to schedule a meeting to discuss more once they have read and understand the Notice and the New Declaration of Independence.  


- We

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