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The American Liberation Movement will periodically release official Corruption, Collusion & Carnage Reports. 


The purpose of these reports is to make the corruption, collusion and carnage of the two-party system inarguable, forcing those still condoning the two parties to realize that in doing so they are complicit with the pain and violence inflicted by the system. 


The C3 Reports will be emailed to everyone who has signed the New Declaration of Independence. As you read the C3 Reports, you will learn more about the systemic illegitimacy of the two parties, which can fang the flames of your strike. 


Email us or share information on the Liberate.US Discord if you have well-cited facts you want to contribute to future C3 reports. 


As a striker, you have the responsibility to deliver the C3 Reports to the target/s you are striking against. 


While you can email them to your target, we recommend printing and presenting them in-person to your target or their staff, directly asking them to read and sign the New Declaration of Independence. 


Follow up by phone or email to verify that they have read it and to ask for an official statement in response to the content of that specific C3 Report. Let them know that you are going to share their statement or lack of statement to the local press, your community and growing local coalition. 


Through the C3 Reports and local strike efforts, elected officials will no longer be able to ignore the systemic corruption, collusion and carnage their party is responsible for. 


- We 

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