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This year is a funeral celebration of the Republican and Democrat parties. 


We encourage coffins at all demonstrations whenever possible. 


You can inexpensively create a light coffin using the following pattern:


Paint it black and use thin plywood or particle board so it is light and easy to carry. 


Consider modifying it to make one smaller or larger based upon the size and content of the demonstrations and your transportation capacities. 


Consider adding simple wood dowels to the bottom for handles.  


If you cannot make a physical coffin, then consider making a poster with a coffin icon on it. 


Whether a physical or poster coffin, we suggest black and this printed, painted or drawn on the top: 


These coffins will catch the eye, attract photos the press is more likely to share, and send a direct message to the entire nation and world that we are taking the termination of the Republican and Democrat parties extremely seriously. 


The last leg the two-party systems has to stand on is the perception that they are the only two legitimate options. When popular shifts to realize they are decrepit, the parties will implode. 


- We

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