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The American Liberation Movement stands firm that the government is not the problem; the political system is. Our commitment is to tear down the existing two-party political system to end its control and abuse of the United States government, local government, the American people and people around the world. Our goal IS NOT to tear down the government. It is to create a political rebirth that enables our government to operate of, by and for the people. 


The government is a tool and we have the ability to use that tool and wield it to create the next, best chapter of American history. 


Those whose goal it is to take down the government are not part of the American Liberation Movement. 


The nature of the strike and the actions we encourage are designed to dismantle the political system that controls the government while preserving the governmental systems. 


Our current governmental systems have inflicted violence on many Americans and people around the world. They are certainly in need of substantial upgrades, and those will be a natural outcome of a successful revolution. 


In summary: reject the two parties, embrace government as a powerful tool, steward government of, by and for the people, and upgrade the government to be able to meet the challenges and opportunities of this critical moment in human history. 


We know that the future of government is going to look different from how government is currently structured and operated. But for the sake of our revolution, we must redirect all of our energy away from grievances against the government and into the termination of the Republican and Democrat parties. 


- We 

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