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The American Liberation Movement is a nonviolent national revolution. 


If someone is exhibiting violence, they are not a part of the American Liberation Movement.  


This commitment to non-violence is of critical importance to enable the success of the movement. The current United States government has the most powerful capacity to inflict violence of any state in the history of human civilization. There is no need or value in using violence against it. 


Violence will not lead to the change we seek. It will only undermine the mission by alienating the national support base needed for the American Liberation Movement to achieve our mission. 


If you are participating in the national strike to end the Republican and Democrat parties, make a commitment to participate nonviolently. 


In your actions and participation, step up to de-escalate any violence from those who have not yet made this same commitment. 


We can completely transform the systems of power in the United States without anyone getting hurt.   


Devotion to the destruction of the two-party system, combined with a commitment to non-violence, will galvanize millions of Ameircans and people around the world to support the movement. 


The First American Revolution was a violent one. 


The Second American Revolution must and will be nonviolent. 


- We

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